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Sunday, November 18, 2012
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Even as a photographer, I will often hear from people "well, I love what you do... but we can have someone else snap a few shots and those will be just as good...and it will save us a lot of money..." and I always smile politely and say "Yes, you certainly can!"  I am not one to sell or push myself as a photographer.  In fact, I am probably the worst salesperson in the world!  I count on my work to sell itself to a client.  Yet, I believe in what I do...otherwise I wouldn't do it, and I wouldn't ever try to sell it.  I'm a thrifty person myself... I love to get the very best price I can on whatever I am purchasing.  But I also love quality... I like to have the best.  There are times that just means paying a little more.  As a Photographer, I offer my clients the best quality for the money they will spend.  So I hope when you are deciding on professional photography that you consider more than one thing... but consider the BIG picture.  Life passes by so quickly...preserve those moments in your life, those moments in your family history... and they will be remembered forever.   


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