New Beginnings
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Monday, November 25, 2013
By Donna Kay Johnson
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Am I the only one who is terrified of new things?  Being a homebody has never really bothered or embarrassed me at all!  It also doesn't bring about much growth or excitement along this journey of life...therefore, newness is necessary every once in a while.  Change along the way must come.  There are new people, new adventures, new challenges... and they make life more fun. 

2013 has definitely been a year of newness in my life.  A year ago my husband and I had a little idea that started out something like this: What if we sold our house, found a new job and moved to the beach?! After all, I was down here three months out of the year.  He was trying to travel back and forth to our home in North Carolina {where he also worked, I might add!} and sometimes all of the travel just got tiring.  But I would rather be at the beach than to not be at the beach... so maybe that meant something for us.  We were both ready for some radical changes in our lives.  So we took the leap.  We called the realtor... my husband called the job recruiter... and we started packing.  Between then and now there was a whirlwind that hit our lives, and in the "Dorothy wakes up in the Land of Oz" style, we suddenly woke up from the blur and found ourselves living at the beach!  My husband works just 2.2 miles from where we are currently living, we live right under a mile from the ocean, and my primary vehicle is now a golf cart!  Crazy, huh?!  {Now, hang on.... this is leading up to something in my world of photography... I promise!}

If you've ever made a big moved then you know it brings many feelings and emotions, and I have gone through every single one of them.  Over and over again!!  But the one part of my life that has rested on the back burner has been my photography business.  Photography by DonnaKay just looms over me, waiting to see what I am going to do next.  I have done a few sessions, but have not done anything to officially introduce myself as a photographer or a business to my new community.  I'm sure in every way it comes down mostly to that fear of new things.  Will they like me?  Will they welcome me?  Will I step on any other photographers toes?  I never want to hurt or disappoint - especially myself.  But I've also learned that moving forward on any journey has to come with changes. 

So here we go.... the first step to this new journey.  A facelift, so to speak.  Out with the old, in with the new... just to get a little cliche on you there. I'd like to introduce you to the NEW logo for Photography by DonnaKay!!

And here is the new business card front.  Many hours have been put into both the logo design and the new branding that is being unrolled with it.  I wanted to bring in simplicity along with elegance, a casual and beachy feeling. 

Now... YOU can help me out!  Please share my info with your friends!  Share this on your facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  If you're visiting the Myrtle Beach area, please get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you - and I'd love to set up a photo session with you.  This is just the beginning, and I am so excited for what the future will bring!  And more than anything, I am sooooo glad to have you along with me on this journey!!

{Want more information on logo design?  My designer is not only a huge talent, but a great friend of mine!  Kendra Haneline of Kendra's Creations.  You can click on the link here, or contact me.  I would love to share her info with you if you're in the market for some design work!  Just send me a message at}
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