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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
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One of my favorite parts of doing my job is meeting new people, and the Walls family was no exception.  This session was set up by a friend of their family, so the only contact I had prior to the session day was through someone else.  Even though on THE day we were still strangers to one another, we quickly became friends... and in no time at all I was bossing them around as well as I boss all of my clients around!! "Stand over there.... would you consider sitting here?.... let's just give this a try...." on and on for over and hour.  And as I started working on the images, I quickly found myself picking a favorite, and then replacing it with another favorite... over and over again.  Until I just resolved to have lots of favorites from this session!  


This is a very special family... and they showed me that life can throw all kinds of trying things at you, but a family can still stand tough. and love can flow.  Thank You, Walls family, for letting me spend some time with you on that breezy and chilly afternoon... and Thank You for allowing me to capture some very special moments with your family.  You definitely captured my heart! 











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Kim Beam - What a blessing and inspiration they are to so many people, near and far!
Brenda Boring - Thank you for sharing the Walls' photos with us. They are so special and, yes, they are so loving and supportive of each other. So glad you got to know them too.