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Friday, March 22, 2013
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C-H-A-N-G-E.  It's something that we are often afraid of in our lives.  It can mean loss, confusion or loneliness... but it can also mean new friends, direction, chances and adventures.  For a couple of years my husband and I have talked about wanting to see some big changes in our lives, but it was always just idle conversation.  Then one day it seemed like a little bit more.  Some circumstances in our lives had brought us to a place that we were seriously considering some changes - HUGE changes.  Our kids are grown and living their own lives, and we found ourselves in a place that some changes would be very welcome.  This time instead of going on about our lives after speaking the words, we actually started looking into our options... thinking it would possibly take a year or more to work out all of the details.  We really didn't let the possibilities alarm us... didn't jump and get to moving too quickly, thinking we had plenty of time to get it all done. Amazingly it has all worked out a lot differently.  And we are now planning the biggest adventure we've been on in a long time.  We are up and moving... relocating to a new place completely. The house is on the market, boxes are starting to be packed, and a moving date is already being planned.  And we couldn't be more excited! 

Back in 2000, when we moved into our current home it was with the greatest intention of being there for the rest of our lives. But as even the best intentions can sometimes prove, it just didn't happen that it would work out that way.  And it's not a matter of it being anything necessarily bad to make us want to leave... it's just more a matter of what we want in our lives that has changed.  Wanting a quality of life that we simply can't find in our current place.  As we have watched all of this unfold rather quickly once our minds were made up, we are now a little breathless making plans for the future - a future that will start sooner rather than later.  So... where are we going?


We are moving to the beach.  WE.ARE.MOVING.TO.THE.BEACH!!!!  It is as if I am living a dream... only I am definitely awake.  I have always loved the beach, spending weeks and long-weekends at the beach every year as I was growing up.  And there was always that "If you could live at the beach, would you?" along with the answer of "No - because then it wouldn't be such a special to me."  Well... maturing has helped me to clearly see that life just isn't like that.  Spending every day with my children as they were growing up didn't make them less special to me... living in a house I really wanted didn't make it seem ordinary or mean less to me... and moving to one of my favorite places to be in the world will most definitely make it only that much more special!  Of that, I have no question.  Already I spend about three months out of the year at the beach, and each time I am leaving to head home I feel as if I go into mourning.  I never want to leave.  I just want to stay.  So I will.  I am living my dreams out loud.  What a blessing!


Now to work on the other details.  There's a house to sell, packing to do, plans to make for a new home... on and on.  (Not to even touch on the details of relocating my photography business completely!)  And each day those things scare me just a little bit less... yet they excite me for the future that's just a little bit closer.  And I hope YOU will make this move with me... continue on this journey.  It's going to be awesome... but I need you by my side!

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Jean Loper - I'm so very excited for you!!! What an exciting adventure!!! I will pray that all goes very smoothly for you. Blessings! Jean