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Saturday, December 22, 2012
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Lifestyle Photography is something that I love... and something that many clients love.  There's a misconception that a Lifestyle Photographer is just running around capturing crazy shots as life unfolds... no posing, no lighting concerns, no form or fashion.  But don't be fooled!!  Each session is a challenge to find the personalities of each subject.  That means I spend time with them... talking, joking, asking questions... getting to know them.  I want to see them smile, laugh, maybe even get a small blush as I ask a young teenager about a boyfriend or girlfriend.  The images that I want to capture need to be natural and real... an image that truly represents who the person is.  And THAT is what I love so much about being a Lifestyle Photographer. 

This family was so much fun... and this session is unforgettable.  Paige had contacted me to do photos with her family and we discussed specifics for a couple of months.  We wanted the perfect day, the perfect place and for everyone to be in the perfect clothes and perfect moods for their session... afterall, this would be their FIRST real family photo session!!  Peyton's beautiful hair was something right away that I knew I wanted to capture... along with her beautiful eyes and smile.  Such a precious girl!  And Preston... well, he was quite the ham!  That kid is going to be a lady-killer, and his Mom is going to have her hands full when he gets a little bit older!  So here we were on the only REALLY chilly day of the month, with the wind blowing... and everyone in flip flops.  I must say... we met the challenge!!  I hope you enjoy!!



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